UMK-45A Plein Air Umbrella Kit

UMK-45A Umbrella Kit


  • Umbrella projected dia. 45"  
  • Strong C-clamp. Works on virtually any shape of leg.
  • Silver UV protection outside coating reduces heat from sunlight. Black inside surface removes reflected light.
  • Large ventilation openings to counteract wind drag.
  • Service height of up to 107 inches suits the tallest artist.
  • Innovative ball joint adjust umbrella to any angle instantly.
  • Strong fiberglass umbrella frame gives maximum product life.
  • Unique design using bungee cord lease to protect your painting setup from flipping over under a gust of strong wind.
  • Large Nylon carry bag carries entire kit. Lightweight only 2.2 lbs.

With a 45" diameter umbrella, weighing about two pounds and consisting of three parts with total folded length of 26" to carry in the luggage, this umbrella kit is perfect for artists on the go, for French easel, Soltek and pochade with tripod easel setup. Unlike most plein air umbrellas, the EASyL umbrella can be clamped to an artist's tripod to prevent damage to the easel and its height is adjustable and can accommodate even the tallest artist. It has a silver coating on the outside that provides protection against the sun's harmful UV rays, and the black interior helps to remove reflective or excessive light. 

The kit consists of three parts: 

  • Larger 45" (projected area) double-canopy vented UV protection umbrella.
  • Telescopic tube 52".
  • Strong C-clamp with universal joint.

The C clamp can attach to any round tripod leg, or the square leg of a French easel. The V shape rubber pads ensure stability even on the most windy day.

The conventional umbrella clamp is made of flimsy plastic, originally made for  beach umbrella not for artist umbrella; and with a gooseneck which is prone to break after several uses; this type of umbrella clamped on the easel will  ventually wears out itself, or even damages the easel .

The all metal universal ball joint is another innovative design, enabling the artist to adjust the umbrella to any desired position effortlessly and conveniently. 

To set up the whole kit, the C clamp is attached to one of the tripod leg, the telescopic tube is mounted to the support on the universal ball joint, and the umbrella pole is inserted to the telescopic tube. A bungee cord is attached to the umbrella and a fix position on the setup. 

Price : $169.00   


45" umbrella

Buy extra umbrella UM-45

45" UV Protected, double Canopy vented umbrella only.

Price : $50.00   


45" umbrella

Optional addition White umbrella UM-45W

45" UV Protected and tested, double Canopy vented umbrella only.

Sunlight filtered by white umbrella as a diffuser. The primary purpose of this white umbrella is to spread out light. It makes bright or harsh light softer across a wider area of your work, eliminating unwanted glare.  

Price : $50.00   


Setting up the UMK-45A

Max. height 107"

The fully extended telescopic tube enables an umbrella height of up to 107" from the ground, good for even the tallest artist.

The adjusting of the umbrella will be determined by the artist's height, the sunlight condition, and the easel tripod height. Artists will soon find the most suitable position for their own personal requirements.

The umbrella is made with a silver outside coating for UV protection and a black, anti-reflective interior. The silver coating reflects the sunlight, significantly reducing heat, and the black interior surface will remove reflective light, enabling the artist to paint with uniform, natural lighting. The diameter of the umbrella is 45 inches, perfectly covering the artist and painting. ( We will not make a larger umbrella because too big a diameter will draw a strong force from the wind and can cause the easel setup flipped over under a strong gust of wind ). There are eight ventilation openings on the top of the umbrella designed to reduce wind drag. The umbrella frame is made of fiberglass providing absolute strength with minimum weight.

The folded umbrella, along with the telescopic tube, is stored in the supplied nylon carry bag. The overall length when folded is only 26".

double canopy vented system

The EASyL umbrella has a double canopy vented system consists of an upper canopy on top of a frames unit, and a lower canopy as umbrella main cover. It ensures a fix and large ventilation gap between the upper and lower canopies. This way the vented gaps remain open constantly.

The umbrella pole is inserted into the extendable telescopic tube without using a locking device. This is important as it ensures that even in the event of a strong wind gust the umbrella will not cause the easel to blow over. The umbrella is secured by a supplied bungee cord attached to the tube lock on the telescopic tube. This ensures easy umbrella retrieval without danger to the easel.

The bungee cord is attached to the tube lock on the telescopic tube.

Plein Air Umbrellas 
What Arttist and painter need to know.

Stefan Baumann

Plein Air Umbrella saves the day is a moment I captured while Plein Air Painting yesterday. The EASyL umbrella did exactly what it was supposed to do when a big wind gust came along.It prevented my whole setup from being thrown to the ground. This is not a paid advertisement for EASyL.
-Dennis Tyson-

UMK-45A mounted on a Soltek

UMK-45A mounted on a French easel.

Artists using EasyL UMK-45A umbrella kit

Kevin Macpherson
Courtesy photo by Kevin Macpherson
Joe Paquet
The EASyL umbrella is the best designed plein air umbrella I have ever used. They continue to improve design from time to time, and listen to what artists' suggestions".

~ Joe Paquet, artist, website:

Anna Lancaster
The umbrella I like and use the most is my new EasyL plein air umbrella kit. It’s the only umbrella kit I’ve owned that I take to every plein air painting session and haven’t wanted to drop kick off a cliff overlooking a scenic painting View.
Courtesy photo by Anna Lancaster