Questions & Answers

Q: Design concept difference between pochade box over panel holder and palette box detached.

A: The pochade box is a combination of both panel holder and palette box in one; versus the detached design for this detacthed design, you need to bring panel holder and palette box separately. The detached design has an advantage that you paint much far away from the palette box, and you can paint much larger size, yet it is quite bulky!

Whereas pochade boxes are designed to paint relatively smaller sizes outdoor. Pochade boxes are compact, easy to carry. When you paint outdoor, and during travel, pochade boxes make your travel far easier and lighter. One may not need to paint much larger than 12 x 16 inches, from 4 x 6 inches in the most application. Pochade boxes will perform best for this purpose for its easy transport, compact, and can be used indoor as tabletop easel.

Q: Why do you take out the original wet panel carriers in your PRO and VERSA from your previous design?

A: We realized artist may already have his or her own own wet panel storage methods. Also considering to reduce the pochade weight and bulk in design preference, we made this change by removing it. The result is, making easels more aesthetically pleasing, lighter weight, and less bulky. All new and current EASyL models have the LIGHTEST WEIGHT among all pochade boxes in the market comparing to relatively similar sizes of palette by length and width.

EASyL also provides inexpensive and superior design of ezPaks wet panel carriers as options. They can carry various sizes in different one ezPak, no need to use rubber bands, just use the built in four clips on each side to hold different size panels on each side, facing each other.

Q: Warranty & Return Policy. 

A: For more details, please click 'Return Policy' or the link at the bottom of any page)

Q:  Overseas Shipping to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada

A: Please contact us for shipping to your countries. We are shipping to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada currently.

Q: Privacy Policy

A: Under no circumstance EASyL will share your private information with any third party. It is fully guaranteed and with no exceptions.

Q: Security and Safe Shopping

A: EASyL uses secure payment webpage when you enter into the shopping cart and payment pages. We use PayPal payment gateway to process your credit card information. PayPal gateway is a secured payment method used by many online shopping payments around the world.

You may pay by PayPal account or credit / debit card upon checkout. 

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Q: Alternative Ordering Methods

A: Other transactions can be done by Phone orders, Mail in check orders, or offline line orders followed by phone to confirm by credit card.

Q: Ordering Status and Tracking

A: Within three business days of your order, you will receive an email. A tracking number will be emailed at time of shipment. If EASyL has to delay shipment owing to specific reasons, an advanced notification of period, new delivery lead time will be announced on the website.

Q: Ordering in Bulk

A: When you buy a product in bulk, you will be considered for a volume discount. Please email or call us for more details.

Q: Can EASyL pochade boxes be used as tabletop easels?

A: Most of EASyL boxes are designed to be used as outdoor and tabletop easels. Rubber boots at the bottom help provide put on table top at home, park table or hotel, and also to paint during indoor workshop as your palette box.

Q: How to hold thick panels or watercolor block or use as pastel easel?

A: For EASyL Pro, Versa and Classic models, you can use an optional ¾” lower panel support plate to support up to 1”, along with the top panel holder clips.

The palette has a thickness of 7/8 inches, provides amole space to store your pastel sticks and other supplies.

Q: What about Palette Preparation?

1). Use palette straight. The bottom of the easel can be used straight as palette. To prepare it, get a can of spray paint varnish similar to Polyurethane Varnish spray, spray thinly for over twenty times, it will build a varnished film to protect the bottom of palette. It is easy to clean with Gamsol, mineral spirit, etc.

B). We prepare 1/8” grey Plexiglas ready for use optionally. Use silicon to glue them on four corners or you can seal them on four sides at the edge, the linseed oil from paint will not go under. Spare Plexiglas can be purchased if you get too many scratches in about six months after use.

C). A glass surface will also be good, but heavier.

Q: Where to hang paper towel?

A: A bungee cord hooks to both sides serves as your paper towel holder.

Q: Can I reuse paint left in the palette for the next day(s)?

A: Yes, we specifically design the palette deep enough, 5/8” for ezAir and ezTravel models, and 7/8” for Pro, Versa, and, after installing 1/8" plexiglass or glass, you still get 1/2" deep for ezAIR and ezTravel or 3/4” for PRO and VERSA. This deep design helps to store generous amount of paint for use during at least whole day painting, not necessary to have to re-squeeze paint into the palette, and easy for thick impasto brushstroke application. There is no need nor hassle to squeeze paint from time to time.

EASyL pochades provide this for professional artists and serious painters who always need to show powerful thick impasto brush strokes in the light or gray area contrasting against thin transparent dark area wherever necessary. And the left over paint, at end of the day will be good to use for next days, still fresh and moist, when you leave them inside the palette. Those other pochade makes in the market tend to design without sufficient space to store left over paints for use in the next day may create quite inconvenience to have to constantly scrape paint away as trash at end of day, find another box to store them.