Over the past  many years teaching 8 - 10 workshops a year, plein air events  and on many plein air trips including overseas, I find these to be all round the best. They are lightweight , and easy to use , and self contained. They do not have excess parts to lose and have held up over many years of service. These are my go to pochade boxes.

Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson

Being an equipment hound, like a lot of artists, I have tried many
different rigs for painting outdoors. The clamshell type of painting
easel outperforms others in weight, ease of use and stability. The best of these is EASyL in my opinion. Everything about this rig works as advertised and more. Weight is a big consideration and even in the larger 12”x16” rig I find the ease of packing and carrying works for all types of travel be it plane, car or hiking. I often use it for a 24” wide canvas and I find that even at that size the stability is good. The umbrella is simply the best I can find and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

John Cosby

I love my EASyL Versa or, when traveling abroad, the more compact ezAir. Both are made by Artwork Essentials.

Suzie Baker

Suzie Baker

I was trying out the new EASyL pochade box by Artwork Essentials. For my class I traveled with the ezAir 8x10 and I loved it!

Michele Usibelli
Michele Usibelli

Michele Usibelli

I just want to tell you how much I love my EASyL Lite box. I've brought it with me to workshops in Tuscany and Palm Beach, and I'll be bringing it on my workshop on the Greek Island of Naxos in a few weeks. I always make sure to tell my students and people who reach out on social media that this is the easel to get.

Gavin Glakas

I have been using my EASyL Versa, tripod and umbrella for the past 15 years and love them! I use the easel outdoors and in my Plein Air workshops, but also indoors with my portrait group.

I received my new Versa and easel yesterday afternoon and couldn't be happier. It is all and more that I expected! Thank you so much!! The craftsmanship shows and I look forward to purchasing a more compact
version, something along the lines of what was made for Kevin Macpherson next year. This just made my day!!  

Thank you so much for getting my order to me by Tuesday and thank you for a perfect system for me.  I love everything about the size,  weight, construction of the palette.  Both the tripod and easel are easy to use.  I have trouble carrying all the equipment needed for outdoor painting because I have ms.  This system is light in weight and easy to set up.  I am very happy with my order and will recommend it to all my painting friends.  I appreciate your customer service, too. 

Carol Josefiak

I can not wait to tell you how happy I am about the EASyL Pro  which I bought from you.  It is easy to assemble. Every part of the equipment are so well designed, built, solid and easy to handle. The pochade box and the tripod are very good looking too. I used it to paint at the beach with strong wind. I found that the tripod is so well designed that the strong wind could not blow it down even with the pochade box on top of it. Other painters have to put some heavy things on the tripod to
make it stable. With this product, you do not have to worry about it.

It took me a nano second to decide which plein air box I was taking to Cuba with Eric Rhoads' Publisher Invitational. I needed to be efficient, minimal and light. My 10 x 12 Lite fit the bill. I was able to stuff supplies inside the box and store wet paintings on its backside
therefore giving me maximum freedom as it was slung over my shoulder. I carried my tripod in its case and a tiny backpack for the extras. I needed to be mobile as we traipsed all over Old Havana. My sturdy little EASyL  held up under the bumps and bruises of long distance travel like a trooper just like always.

Johanne Mangi

I am just back from a week-long plein air painting trip to Newfoundland, our eastern most province in Canada.  It was my first intensive plein air experience and my new "Classic" was wonderful. Everything became easy to do; so light and portable.  A great product.  Thank you.

Robbie Keith