A convenient way of transporting your valuable wet panels in a compact, lightweitght, durable frame. A new equipment EASyL offers to artists travel in style and quality.

The ezPak can carry two wet panels face to face up to 1/4" in thickness.

Made of superior quality Birch (A furniture grade hardwood normally growth in North America or Australia), each has been professionally designed, crafted and finished with extreme quality control, clear electrostatic lacquer finish to help protection of the wood grain and give a sheen finish as well as to help the wood stands against severe weather change from warping.

Biscuit In order to reinforce the construction, a 7/8 inch biscuit joiner has been inserted in each of the four corners. 
Clips On each side, a panel can be secured in place by a set of clips, total four (or more) clips on each side. They are flush mounted in order to conveniently stack ezPaks on top of each other.

Wood Spacer of 1/4 inches

Each ezPak carries two same size panels (some can carry even two different sizes at a time); and is designed with a panel spacer of 7mm (slightly over 1/4 inch), extremely important when you have thick paints done, the spacer will avoid the fresh paints in your work jump over to the other wet panel, jamming each other or destroy your thick brush strokes.


The ezPAKs come in four different packages. Each package consists of two or three frames nested into a box, refer to images below.

Each frame carries two specific size of wet panels listed below respectively.

ezPak-A ezPak-B ezPak-C ezPak-D

6 x 8
8 x 10
10 x 12 (or 9 x 12)

9 x 12
11 x 14
9 x 12
12 x 16
10 x 10 (or 8 x 10)
12 x 12 (or 6 x 12; 9 x 12; 10 x 12)
$46.00 /pk $35.00 /pk $37.00 /pk $34.00 /pk

(Coming soon)

An optional rubber band can be purchased if the user wants to piggyback the ezPak with a slim pochade box such as the
Classic-mini slimline box for easy carrying.


















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