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Designed for artist painting with Oil, Watercolor

Size: 11"x14"

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What you will get:

1 - PRO easel / palette combination box.
1 - Brush holder
2 - Hooks
1 - Professional tripod TP-6777 comes with carry bag.

Price:$479 .00
  Out of stock . (New shipment will be available by end Nov.)

Box only $300 .00 Out of stock


EASyL-PRO holding a panoramic canvas

  • No width limit of panel/canvas, a panoramic painting shown here, since panel/canvas is held from top to bottom
  • Supports panel as small as 4"x6" to 18" in height.
  • Most flexible easel holding a variety of sizes: 4X6, 5X7, 6X8, 8x10,9x12,10x12,11x14,12x16,14x18.or any of your customized sizes without necessity of purchasing additional adapter(s).

Clips on T-bar can be adjusted to hold various thickness panel/canvas

  •  The clips are holding a 1/8" thick panel
  •  The clips are holding a 1/4" panel
  •  The clips are holding a 3/4" stretched canvas

Wet panel storage on the back carries two panels of the same size up to 3/16" thickness

 Adjustable bar converts the wet panel storage
to adapt different panel sizes.

  •  The picture shows a 8"x10" panel is put in the storage for carrying
  •  In this case any panel that is with 10" in width can be stored
  •  The picture shows a 10" x 12"  panel is put in the storage for carrying
  •  In this case any panel that is with 12" in width can be stored
  •  The picture shows a 11" x 14" panel is put in the storage for  carrying
  •  In this case any panel that is with 14" in width can be stored
Narrow Support

EASyL-Pro comes with a standard 5/16" deep panel support by default

  • The distance of the panel bottom above the palette box
    is adjustable by sliding the panel support along vertical slots.
  • Panel bottom will no longer be too close to the palette while the
    artist's arm won't have the risk to touch the palette when painting or make your shirt dirty.
  • The panel will be raised at the height of artist's eye level. This
    unique feature is essential as artist will be able to adjust the height of panel/canvas to view the entire painted area properly (not by looking down at the painting).  This is the only pochade easel which provides such feature in the entire market.
Supporting panel
  • The panel support has an inclined surface to ensure the panel/canvas is always pushed against the easelback, thereby the panel is held more securely. 
  • It can hold canvas up to 3/4" in thickness.
Brush Stroke
  • This standard panel support is designed with 5/16" deep only so that  during painting, it will not obstruct the flow of brush stroke.
  • VERSA comes with this standard panel support which is lightweight.

Storage for paint tubes, brushes and other supplies.

  • EASyL-Pro has enough storage space for carrying most necessary supplies. Our Side Tray is also fit inside the storage.
  • It is advisable to carry as less as possible in outdoor painting session. Extra supplies may be stored in the backpack or any other carrying facility.
  • The reserved space separated by a removable separator bar is reserved for unused paint. The separator bar will be removed to turn the whole palette area into a color mixing palette.


EASyL painters in Provence.

I have found the Easyl Pro to be the best equipment I have used for PleinAir Painting. It's size allows for carrying all the painting materials I use when doing plein aire paintings. It is well designed, light, and yet very sturdy.
-Bill Westerman

I was one of 30 professional artists from Florida chosen to compete in
the "Paint the town" competition in St Pete April 7 thu 9th.2005.
I used your EasyL easel, and loved the way it performed. It is very
light to carry, and the tripod is very professional and sturdy. We had
a breezy day, and being able to open the legs on the tripod wide- the
easel stayed very stable. i like being able to adjust the easel level
no matter what strange shape thel egs are in. The 2 adjusting handles
are great for that. I am also glad that I can carry wet canvases on the
back if needed. Several artists and non-artists approached me and asked
about the easel. I think it is small enough that I can carry it in my
suitcase when traveling by plane also. I would suggest it to anyone.
-Janet Onofrey

Just returned from Hawaii where I conducted a plein-air workshop. I'm sending photos with students and myself using the easyl lite. They all enjoyed using the easyl so much, it was very windy in some locations and the easyl was very sturdy. Thanks.
- Kaye Franklin

A young talented South African wild life artist used the EASyL pochade and was reported in the local newspaper in 2006.
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