EASyL Pochade box features

EASyL pochade boxes comprise of two different design concepts for holding the panels.  Unlike the magnetic type stripes bar running at the risk getting panels blown out from sideway owing to a sudden gust of wind.  Because of this,  you will need to prepare two clips holding from both sides.

For EASyL pochade boxes, there are two different types to hold panels.  

First type,  the multi-functional T- bar design for the Lite, PRO and VERSA models in the adjustment of panel height. The T-bar has two top clips hold from 1/16" panel to 3/4" of stretched canvas.  It is securely locked from the back of easel, travels inside a channel securely locked. 

Second type, the spring tension loaded metal top panel holder, the ezAIR (8"x10") and ezTravel (10"x12"), and Classic 2 for quick setup.  Both are extremely quick and easy to mount panel in seconds. 

Both designs will help the artists to paint higher away from the palette area, instead of bending the neck too close to the palette area from time to time.

tripod fitting

Every EASyL pochade boxes has a built-in tripod fitting. It has a standard 1/4" threaded hole fits any tripod that has a quick-release plate with a 1/4" thumbscrew.

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