Light-Duty tripod for small pochade boxes.

To find a suitable tripod for pochade box using in plein air painting is not that easy. The tripod must be very strong to support the weight of the pochade box plus all the supplies on top of it. The tripod must also be very sturdy to avoid the wobbling caused by painting strokes applying on the canvas. The tripod must be easy to set up and equipped the pochade box instantly, and to adjust to any desired angle (tilting) for the artist to paint. It must also be lightweight to transport especially when traveling. There are many tripods out there in the market but they are all designed for photography. The behavior of a camera is not the same as a pochade box when mounted on the tripod. Camera is lightweight, small and static when in use. A pochade box is much heavier than a camera and dynamic when in use. A very heavy duty photographic tripod could do the job well but usually is very heavy and expensive. There are so many photographic tripods out there an artist can always has a hard time to choose a proper one which is poised between the price and performance.

We take away the guesswork for you !

Our tripod has been carefully designed for Pochade boxes using in Plein Air painting. We eliminated functions not needed for painting so as to enhance the stability and reliability, mostly reduces weight.

This TP-635 is a light-duty tripod suitable for ezAir or ezTravel pochade box only.

We do not suggest to use this tripod with a box size larger than 10"x12", or weight heavier than 3 lbs.

Tripod includes :

  • Quick release plate.Quick-release plates

  • Hex key tool.
  • Carrying bag.                       Tripod bag
  1. Quick snap locks on legs for leg adjustment easily.
  2. The fan-out angle of each leg can be adjusted individually. This allows different tripod spans for stable positioning on uneven ground. Depress the button and pull the leg until you hear a “click”. this will lock the leg into a wider span position.
  3. Universal ball head swivels to any direction. Make sure the knob is tightened before mounting the pochade box to the tripod. 
  4. Quick-release plate helps mounting the pochade box quickly and easily.
  5. Hex key tool for tightening the legs when they are getting loose.

Price : $50.00 


Buy extra quick-release plateQuick release plate.

Price : $10.00 + $4.00 shipping