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Request a catalogue

Click here to request a catalogue. Note we no longer send paper catalog. You will receive eBruchures via email upon request. You may also download the ebrochures from within the product pages.

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One year limited warranty

All Artwork Essentials products are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material. Artwork Essentials will repair or replace any defective part, which may develop under normal and proper use within a period of one year from date of original purchase, without charge for parts and labor, once delivered, shipping prepaid to Artwork Essentials, together with proof of date and place of purchase. The exclusive remedy under any and all warrants and guarantees expressed or implied is limited to repair and/or replacement as provided herein and Artwork Essentials shall not be liable for damages from loss or misuse, consequential or incidental damage or damaged works.

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Privacy policy

Please follow the link to view our privacy policy.

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Security and safe shopping

We are very confident in the security of Internet transactions, therefore we offer our Safe Shopping guarantee. If unauthorized charges are made to your card as a result of shopping at artworkessentials.com we will cover your liabilities. In the event of unauthorized usage, you must first contact your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

Federal Law protection: Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, federal law protects all of your credit card purchases. In the very unlikely event that your credit card is stolen over the Internet, your maximum liability is $50. If your credit card company holds you responsible for this amount, artworkessentials.com will reimburse you up to $50.

Artworkessentials.com takes every precaution to ensure that your credit card information is secure. We utilize SSL (secure sockets layer), the industry standard security protocol. All of your ordering information is encrypted using this secure server for maximum security. This safeguards your online orders by requesting authentication for server access, encrypting private information, and protecting the integrity of your data. We also maintain a certificate with BluePay that serves as an electronic substitute for your signature.

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Alternative ordering methods

If you prefer not to order online, there are several alternative ordering methods for you to choose from:

Phone orders
You can order from us by phone at 1(949) 856-2196. Whenever you have an item in your shopping cart you are given the option to order your product through the telephone. Our shopping cart software will instruct you on how to fill and print an order form so we can help you with your order when you call us.

Fax orders
You can order from us by fax at 1(949) 856-2196. You will be given the option to order your product by fax on the shopping cart page. Our shopping cart software will instruct you on the completion and printing of a fax order.

Mail orders
You can order by mail by using the address: 5622 Highgate Terrace, Irvine, CA 92603 USA. We accept money orders and cashier checks only. You will be given the option to order your products by mail on the shopping cart page. Our shopping cart software will instruct you on the completion and printing of an order for mailing.

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Alternative shipping methods

If you prefer not to use our default shipping methods, you may place an order online and pick up the product in person. Please make sure you check the "Pick-up" shipping method in the ordering page. There is no shipping charge but you must collect in person. This applies only for customers in California.

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Ordering status and tracking

Within three (3) business days of your order you will receive an email confirmation (if you have provided your email address during ordering). If you have chosen UPS shipment, then you will also receive a tracking number for your order.

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Ordering in bulk

When you buy a product in bulk you will be entitled for a volume discount. Please email or call us for details.

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Recommended Reading

"Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting", John F. Carlson
"Fill Your Paintings with Light and Color", Kevin MacPherson
"Composition and Outdoor Painting", Edgar Payne
"Alla Prima", Richard Schmid
"Hawthorne on Painting", Mrs. Charles W. Hawthorne
"The Art Spirit", Robert Henri

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