Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the EASyL pochade box an enclosed box?

The EASyL pochade box is an enclosed box. However, the built-in wet panel carrier on top of the lid is an open-top design, which might give the first-time user an illusion that the box is not totally enclosed.

We design the wet panel carrier on the box this way because we want to reduce the overall weight of the box by removing the top cover of the wet panel carrier. Since the design is aimed to provide the painter an convenient way to carry the wet panel from site to the car without the need to carry an extra wet panel carrier box. Most likely, A painter will finish no more than two working pieces in a day painting session is very common, therefore the wet built-in wet panel carrier is the best way to reduce the burden of carrying too many gears when going out for painting.

Q: Why do you have the hinges protruded outside of the box. Is there a reason for that?

The protruded hinges, in fact, has many advantages over other designs of pochade boxes.

  1. The two patented side hinges is an innovation design, providing very strong holding force to the lid, hence to enhance the stability of the box when painting. When one pushes the brush strokes to the canvas, the lid must be held firmly in place against the force applying to it. All other boxes in the market using butt hinges can never have such holding capability. Nor a friction can compare with ours in function, an experienced painter when applying much force, can really appreciate this design especially painting
    a slightly larger canvas, but the butt (friction) hinges can never accommodate this.

  2. Thanks to the knobs on the hinges, painter can adjust the tilting angle of the canvas instantly. No need to adjust any bolts and nuts on lever arms.

  3. The invisible axles between two hinges (right and left) is the rotation pivot of the lid relating to the bottom of the box (palette). This way we don't need a pair of hinges to connect the two parts of the box. Hence to reduce the weight of the box.

  4. This uniquely designed hinges by EASyL, beautifully made of solid brass and stainless steel, provides superior quality and rust resistance, last for many years. No other pochade box made such high quality parts like ours, not even closer.

Q: Is a pochade box made of wood better than metal?

Metal material stands endurable over time of use; however, they have many disadvantages:

Metal pochade boxes definitely weigh much much heavier than wooden easels, it goes without saying. Therefore if the same size box shows weight lighter than a wooden pochade box, it is just too good to be true.

Most artists would love things with beauty. We insist on making wooden pochade boxes instead of metal material. Wooden has the beauty of grains, vintage feelings,shows the warm feeling of material. As a maker, we strive to make the box as things pleasing to eyes, more ergonomic design over metal obviously and create easels esthetically. While designing an easel box can be considered crafting a piece of art, not just a metal box.

In addition, wooden pochade box will not give you chill while painting in sever cold icy weather if you may need to, you will certainly not like to touch a metal box getting too cold to touch while painting.

Q: What is the most distinguished feature of EASyL ?

There are so many, but the most distinguished one, featured in part of our patent, is the side hinges for easy adjustment of both palette and easel back respectively. To quote from a professional artist's words: "I want to paint with my eyes always absolutely leveled with panel mounted on the easel, if I have to look down at the panel, then raise my head to look at the subject I paint, it never works. The panel would be better mounted vertically (unless there is sun glare I may want to lean the panel and easel back slightly forward.), EASyL easel is the only easel does the work properly".

This feature also enables the artist to choose flexible size of panels (or panoramic panel) to work on, as well as adjust the height of both panel and palette box with desired distance comfortably. Most other pochade easels have limited capability to adopt different panel/canvas size, or ability to raise the panel higher to eye level and still maintaining the palette within the comfortable height because there is no way for adjustment of distance between the panel and palette.

Q: Why should I choose EASyL over other pochade easels?

There are two types of pochade easels. One is the box type similar to the traditional French easel which can carry all art supply, the other one is to be smaller and lighter yet carries essential needs. We chose the latter.

Our decision was made in the consideration for stability. The heavier it is, when set up on top of the tripod, the higher the center of gravity will be raised, it will be prone to danger of flipping over by a sudden strong wind as well as creating challenge to the sturdiness of the setup.

Q: Why don't you make the storage area larger?

Most of artists do carry lunch box, water, brush washer, and tripod in another bag or backpack. We recommend that artist may put most supply to the bag (to break away from the traditional concept of French easel which carries all.) To not duplicate the need for space, EASyL easels are designed for the artists to still carry necessary supplies inside the easel box, Versa for example, can store ten brushes, palette knives, 37ml or 40 ml paints (up to 8 or 9), side tray, etc inside the palette box when not painting (except for the large tubes).

Q: How do you decide the depth of the palette box of your EASyL easels?

The depth of the EASyL palette box has been carefully considered for space of storage as well as enough height for unused paint. The supplied palette separator bar will help to separate the unused paint from the rest area of palette which after cleaned becomes storage compartment.

Q: How do I choose between the models of EASyLs: Lite, Versa, Classic ?

We have made a comparison chart, please click the the link comparison chart for reference.

Q: How many colors do you suggest for artist to bring in plein air painting? Do I need many colors to carry in the field?

Any paint translates into weight significantly: five 37ml tube of small paints plus one 120ml titanium white can easily be 1.5LBS in weight. It is suggested to use limited palette for plein air painting. Another benefit is, it will bring color harmony to your painting.

We are pleased to quote from Mr.. Kevin Macpherson's book: "Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color", page 31: "A good painting has both variety and unity. Working with a limited palette puts you at a greater advantage to create color harmony, or unity." "Achieving Harmonious Color with a Limited Palette, it would be a good idea to limit the palette (of colors), maximum of one yellow, two reds (one cool, one warm), one blue, one alternative green plus one white will be suggested. However, this is not the only way of palette, as there are a lot of other good palette choices. A good painting can be achieved its harmony by way of many other combination of palette choice through offers by the professional artists."

Q: Can EASyLs be placed on tabletop and worked as a table easel?

Yes. There are four rubber boots at the bottom of each EASyL, and the artist will be able to sit and paint from EASyL at a table or any flat surface. This is particularly convenient at the hotel during your trip to a workshop.

Q: Will the standard panel support hold the canvas or watercolor block? Why don't you make it deeper?

The standard panel support has an inclined surface to keep the canvas/water color block in place. The thickness of the holder will assure absolute non-obstruction of brush stroke from any direction.

A 3/4" panel support is an optional accessory in case the artist wants to paint on stretched canvas. It is listed in the product accessories.

Q: Can the EASyL palette be tilted and adjusted its angle? Can the easel back be adjusted its angle, too?

Yes, the EASyL palette can be easily adjusted its angle to the desire by releasing the handle of the tripod. In case of sun glare on the palette, the angle of the palette can be adjusted to get away with it.

Also, by adjusting the two side hinges, the artist can easily adjust the angle of the easel back when panel, canvas or watercolor block is mounted, to avoid the glare.

Q: Do I need a palette to use with the EASyL?

The bottom of the easel will be the palette. We recommend a glass or Plexiglas of 1/8" (with the underside primed in medium gray) to be inserted, sealed to the bottom of the palette box.

In case the artist prefers to paint straight with the box without the glass/Plexiglas, please refer to the How to prepare the palette instruction.

Q: Can my gator foam boards be stored in the wet panel storage space in the Pro and VERSA EASyLs?

Yes, the wet panel storage space in the back of the EASyL can store either 1/8", 1/4" panel or the gator foam board (3/16"), two panels to your choice of size from 6X8, 8x10, 9x12, 10x12, 11x14, 12x16,. No other easels offer this feature in the market.

Q: What size of wet panels can the EASyL-Lite carry?

EASyL-Lite can accommodate the size of 8x10, 9x12 or 12x16 panel at the thickness of 1/8". By placing the panels with painted surface facing inward, turning the top panel holding clips backward, you will protect the wet panels from sliding out or damage.

Q: What size of wet panels can the EASyL-Versa carry?

EASyL-Versa has a flexible wet panel carrying capability, it carriers two panels in the thickness between 1/8" to 1/4" (including gator foam panels) any size to choose from: 8x10, 9x12, 10x12, 11x14, 12x16 or four panels of 6x8. Again, by facing the panels inside, turn the top panel holding clips backward, you will protect the wet panels from sliding out or damage.

You will not need another box to carry the wet panels during a day's work.

Q: What size of panel/canvas can I paint on the EASyL-Lite?

EASyL-Lite can accommodate to paint panel/canvas from 4x6 to 16" high of pane/canvas, and there is no width restriction, especially ideal for painting a panoramic view. No other small pochade box has this capacity so far in the market.

Q. Where do I hold the towel?

A bungee cord hooks to both side of the palette will serve as your towel holder.

Q. Can the artist reuse the paint left in the palette for other painting location or other time?

Yes, the palette box is designed that the paint can be left inside the box and be kept moist for a few days. The supplied separator bar will help to store the unused paint and by use of the palette divider, the rest space can turn into storage area for brushes and paints.

Q: What do I have for carrying more than two wet panels or gator foam boards for a workshop I will attend?

We have two more products for carrying the wet panels. For details, please refer to individual webpage.

DB-0810 for carrying four 8 x 10 wet panels.

DB-1012 Adjustable space for carrying different panels and/or Gator boards sizes from 4"x6" up to 10"x12".

ezPaks A convenient way of transporting your valuable wet panels in a compact, lightweight, durable carrier frame. The ezPak can carry two wet panels face to face up to 1/4" in thickness

Q: What about umbrella possibly to mount on EASyLs?

We have successfully developed a new lightweight umbrella for plein air artists UMK-45A, which has a C-clamp to clamp on the tripod leg, with a ball joint for change of position, and a venting umbrella with UV silver coating outside and black inside.

Q. How do I carry the EASyL?

Our Carry-On Bag COB-1416 will be able to carry EASyL-Lite and all your other supply well.

The artist can carry the EASyL along with other supplies in a backpack or a rolling carry bag.

For the EasyL Versa or Classic box, you may buy a backpack from a sport store. Bring your EASyL box to the shop to get a backpack which large enough to fit the box plus other art supplies.

Q. What make is your tripod? What is the maximum overall height of the tripod? Can I use the tripod in rocky hill with uneven surface?

Our tripod is a heavy duty professional grade, made by a factory who makes tripods under famous OEM names. The tripod is only 3 lb 13 Oz, by far the lightest weight in the market. The tripod was designed by us with the two way pan-head and an extra large quick release plate, also a spare quick release plate is supplied. The maximum loading capacity is 15 lbs.

The maximum height is 50" from ground to the top of pan-head including the extended center column. The tripod legs can be adjusted individually in three positions. Put the EASyL easel on the top, the setup is good for a person at 6'2" tall to use, still he can see the panel in eye level. Since the three legs can be adjusted individually, artist can adjust each leg span and length to suit the uneven ground surface, or rocky hill.

Q. I already own a good tripod, can I purchase EASyL without tripod?

Yes, if you own a tripod which is a professional one, capable of loading up to 15 lbs and is sturdy enough to stand on any weather condition, plus not wobbly legs, good size of metal quick release plate, it should do the work properly. Note a tripod head and a quick release plate made of plastic will not work. You can contact us via email or phone to purchase EASyL without tripod

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